Churrascos Sugar Land

{24 years with the company}

  1. Where are you from? Mexico.
  2. How long have you been in the industry? 30 years.
  3. Family? With wife Erica they have four children
    Rebecca (25), Rigo Jr. (18), Randy (12) & Ricardo (10).
  4. What is your favorite drink? Beer or Lemonade.
  5. What is your favorite food? Mexican or Seafood.
  6. What is your favorite restaurant? Don’t really have one,
    I like a lot of them.
  7. What is the first app you check in the morning? Facebook & Snapchat.
  8. What hobbies do you have? Play Soccer & Collect Watches.
  9. Favorite sport? Favorite sports team? Soccer / America.
  10. Favorite music/band/singer? All Latin music.
  11. Who do you admire the most? My Mom.