The Ultimate Guide to Steakhouses in Houston


Welcome to Houston, a city renowned for its diverse culinary scene, especially its steakhouses. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, finding the perfect steakhouse can be daunting. This comprehensive guide aims to help you navigate the best steakhouses Houston has to offer, complete with insider tips, popular dishes, and key features of each establishment.

Table of Contents

  1. Top Steakhouses in Houston
    • A list of the most popular steakhouses.
  2. Types of Steaks and Cuts
    • Explanation of different cuts of steak and how they are best enjoyed.
  3. How to Choose the Best Steakhouse
    • Tips and criteria for selecting a steakhouse.
  4. Must-Try Dishes
    • Signature dishes and sides to try at Houston steakhouses.
  5. Historical Steakhouses
    • Steakhouses with a rich history and legacy in Houston.
  6. Steakhouses with Unique Dining Experiences
    • Restaurants offering more than just a meal, such as live music or cooking at your table.
  7. Family-Friendly Steakhouses
    • Best steakhouses to visit with family.
  8. Steakhouses for Special Occasions
    • Ideal spots for birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations.
  9. Steakhouse Etiquette
    • Do’s and don’ts for dining at a steakhouse.
  10. Vegetarian Options at Steakhouses
    • Recommendations for non-meat eaters.

1. Top Steakhouses in Houston

A Celebration of Flavor

Explore the crème de la crème of Houston’s steakhouse scene, where each restaurant offers a unique dining experience that caters to both locals and visitors. Here are some of the best places to savor a juicy steak in Houston:

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Renowned for its meticulously dry-aged beef, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is a cornerstone of Houston’s culinary landscape. Their extensive wine list, featuring over 2,000 selections, has earned them Wine Spectator’s Grand Award. The atmosphere is classic yet refined, making it an ideal spot for both business dinners and celebratory meals. Signature dishes include their buttery, melt-in-your-mouth ribeye and a decadent lobster mac and cheese.

Vic & Anthony’s

Vic & Anthony’s exudes luxury from the moment you step inside. Known for its sophisticated ambiance and top-tier service, this steakhouse is a go-to for special occasions. The menu features premium cuts of meat, such as the richly marbled New York strip and the tender filet mignon. Don’t miss out on their seafood offerings, particularly the succulent crab cakes and the fresh Gulf oysters, which complement the steak selections perfectly.

Taste of Texas

For those seeking generous portions and a vibrant atmosphere, Taste of Texas is the place to be. This steakhouse is famous for its extensive salad bar, where patrons can build their own perfect starter from a wide array of fresh ingredients. The restaurant prides itself on its Certified Angus Beef, and the large portions ensure that no one leaves hungry. Their prime rib, slow-roasted to perfection, and their famous carrot cake are must-tries.


While exploring these renowned steakhouses, it’s impossible to overlook Churrascos, a gem that brings the flavors of South America to Houston. Churrascos is celebrated for its signature Churrasco steak, a perfectly grilled cut that bursts with flavor, accompanied by their house-made chimichurri. With a menu that also features delectable empanadas and ceviche, Churrascos offers a diverse dining experience that subtly yet effectively competes with the best steakhouses in the city. For more details, visit Churrascos.

By providing a blend of established favorites and unique options, this guide ensures that every steak lover will find a place that suits their taste and occasion. Whether you are looking for a traditional steakhouse experience or a fusion of South American flavors, Houston’s steakhouse scene is diverse and vibrant, ready to satisfy any craving.

Types of Steaks and Cuts


Understanding the variety of steak cuts can significantly enhance your dining experience, as each cut offers a unique flavor profile and texture. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular cuts you’ll encounter at top steakhouses:


  • Known for its marbling and flavor.
    The ribeye steak is celebrated for its abundant marbling, which translates to a rich, buttery flavor and a juicy, tender texture. This cut is taken from the rib section of the cow and includes a good amount of fat, making it one of the most flavorful steaks. It’s best enjoyed cooked to medium-rare to medium, which allows the fat to melt and infuse the meat with its signature taste.

Filet Mignon

  • The most tender cut.
    Filet mignon, often considered the king of steaks, is prized for its incredible tenderness. This cut is taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin, a muscle that doesn’t get much exercise, resulting in a steak that almost melts in your mouth. Because it’s leaner than other cuts, it doesn’t have the same robust flavor as a ribeye, but its tenderness more than compensates. It’s typically served in smaller portions and is best cooked rare to medium-rare.

New York Strip

  • A balance of tenderness and flavor.
    The New York strip steak, also known simply as a strip steak, is a favorite for its balance of tenderness and flavor. Cut from the short loin of the cow, it has a bit more chew than a filet mignon but offers a richer flavor, especially with its characteristic fat cap. It’s a versatile cut that can be grilled, pan-seared, or broiled, and it’s best cooked to medium-rare to medium for optimal juiciness and texture.


  • A large cut that includes both the strip and the tenderloin.
    The porterhouse steak is essentially two steaks in one, combining the best of both worlds. It consists of a New York strip on one side and a tender filet mignon on the other, separated by a T-shaped bone. This cut is perfect for those who want to experience both tenderness and flavor in one meal. Due to its size, it’s often shared between two people. For the best experience, it should be cooked to medium-rare to medium, ensuring both sides reach the ideal temperature.

Each of these cuts offers a distinct dining experience, catering to different preferences in texture and flavor. Whether you favor the richness of a ribeye, the tenderness of a filet mignon, the balance of a New York strip, or the grandeur of a Porterhouse. Understanding these cuts will help you make an informed choice and elevate your steakhouse dining experience.

How to Choose the Best Steakhouse


Selecting the perfect steakhouse can elevate your dining experience, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in a delicious meal. Here are some key factors to consider when making your choice:

Reputation and Reviews

  • Check online reviews and ratings.
    Before deciding on a steakhouse, it’s essential to research its reputation. Websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Reviews provide a wealth of customer feedback and ratings. Look for consistent praise for the quality of the steaks, service, and overall dining experience. Pay attention to recent reviews to ensure the steakhouse maintains its standards.

Specialty Cuts

  • Look for restaurants that offer your favorite cuts.
    Different steakhouses specialize in various cuts of meat. Some might excel in serving a perfectly marbled ribeye, while others might be known for their tender filet mignon or hearty porterhouse. Review the menu beforehand to ensure that the steakhouse offers the cuts you prefer. Additionally, some establishments offer unique or specialty cuts that you might not find elsewhere, adding a distinctive touch to your dining experience.


  • Choose a place that suits the occasion, whether it’s casual or formal.
    The ambiance of a steakhouse can significantly impact your dining experience. For a romantic dinner or special celebration, you might prefer a steakhouse with a luxurious and intimate setting, such as dim lighting, elegant décor, and attentive service. On the other hand, for a casual night out or a family gathering, a more relaxed and vibrant atmosphere might be more suitable. Ensure the steakhouse’s ambiance aligns with the occasion and your personal preferences.

Price Range

  • Ensure the prices fit your budget.
    Steakhouses can vary greatly in price, from high-end establishments with premium cuts and extensive wine lists to more affordable options that still offer quality steaks. It’s crucial to review the menu prices in advance to ensure the steakhouse fits your budget. Remember that additional costs such as sides, desserts, and drinks can add up quickly. Consider the value for money, not just the cost, to ensure a satisfying dining experience without overspending.

When selecting a steakhouse, taking the time to consider these factors can help you find a place that not only serves delicious steaks but also provides an overall enjoyable experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a high-end culinary adventure or a more laid-back dining outing, Houston offers a variety of steakhouses to suit every taste and occasion.

Must-Try Dishes

Elegant Private Event Catering Setup at Churrascos Houston Steakhouse

When dining at a top-notch steakhouse in Houston, there are certain signature dishes that you simply must try to fully appreciate the culinary expertise and flavor profiles these establishments offer. Here are some standout selections:

Bone-In Ribeye

  • Rich and flavorful, often a favorite.
    The bone-in ribeye is a standout choice at many steakhouses, known for its exceptional marbling and robust flavor. The bone adds an extra depth of flavor, making each bite incredibly juicy and tender. This cut is often dry-aged to enhance its richness and is best enjoyed cooked to medium-rare or medium. For example, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse offers a prime bone-in ribeye that is dry-aged in-house for optimal taste and tenderness.

Crab Cakes

  • Many steakhouses excel in seafood starters.
    Crab cakes are a popular appetizer at steakhouses, offering a delightful start to your meal. These are typically made with fresh, lump crab meat and seasoned to perfection, often accompanied by a tangy remoulade or aioli. Vic & Anthony’s is renowned for its Maryland-style crab cakes, which are packed with crab meat and minimal fillers, ensuring a rich and flavorful experience.


  • A classic dessert at many Houston steakhouses.
    End your meal on a sweet note with a classic cheesecake. Houston steakhouses often offer rich, creamy cheesecakes with various toppings and sauces to elevate the flavor. Taste of Texas is famous for its New York-style cheesecake, which features a velvety texture and is often served with fresh berries or a decadent chocolate drizzle.

These must-try dishes are just a few examples of the culinary delights you can expect at Houston’s top steakhouses. Whether you’re starting with a savory crab cake or indulging in a rich, flavorful bone-in ribeye, these signature dishes are sure to leave a lasting impression. And don’t forget to save room for a classic cheesecake to complete your dining experience.

Historical Steakhouses

River Oaks

Houston’s steakhouse scene isn’t just about great food; it’s also rich with history. Some of these establishments have been around for decades, each with its own unique story and charm. Here are two historical steakhouses you shouldn’t miss, along with a notable mention of Churrascos, a place that intertwines the historical essence with modern flair.

Brenner’s Steakhouse

  • Established in 1936, known for its vintage charm.
    Brenner’s Steakhouse has been a beloved Houston institution since 1936. Originally opened by Herman and Lorene Brenner, this restaurant has maintained its reputation for exceptional food and warm hospitality for nearly a century. The vintage charm is evident in its rustic décor, featuring dark wood interiors, intimate dining rooms, and a beautiful garden patio. Brenner’s is famous for its thick, juicy steaks and German-inspired dishes like the house-made German potatoes and the apple strudel. The history and ambiance make dining here a unique and memorable experience.

Smith & Wollensky

  • Part of a historic chain with a storied past.
    Smith & Wollensky is part of a renowned steakhouse chain that has been serving prime cuts and classic American fare since 1977. Although the Houston location is a more recent addition, the chain itself has a storied past, with its flagship restaurant located in New York City. The Houston branch upholds the chain’s reputation for excellence with its prime dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood, and extensive wine list. The restaurant’s classic green-and-white décor, combined with top-notch service, provides a dining experience that echoes the grandeur of its historic roots.


  • Established in 1988, celebrating Latin American flavors.
    While relatively newer compared to Brenner’s and Smith & Wollensky, Churrascos has carved out a significant place in Houston’s culinary history since its opening in 1988. Bringing the bold flavors of South America to Houston, Churrascos is celebrated for its signature Churrasco steak, perfectly grilled and served with their famous chimichurri sauce. The restaurant’s menu features a blend of traditional Latin American dishes like empanadas and ceviches, along with their renowned Tres Leches dessert. The ambiance at Churrascos combines modern elegance with a warm, inviting atmosphere, making it a favorite for both locals and visitors.

Churrascos boasts multiple locations across Houston, including:

  • River Oaks: 2055 Westheimer at Shepherd, Houston, TX 77098.
  • Sugar Land: 1520 Lake Pointe Parkway, Suite 500, Sugar Land, TX 77478.
  • Memorial City: 947 Gessner Road, Suite B-290, Houston, TX 77024.
  • The Woodlands: 21 Waterway Avenue, The Woodlands, TX 77380.

Each Churrascos location offers a unique dining experience that blends historical influence with contemporary culinary innovation. For more information, visit their website (Churrascos)​​ (Churrascos)​​ (Churrascos)​​ (OpenTable)​.

By exploring these historical and contemporary steakhouses, you’ll get a taste of the rich culinary heritage and vibrant dining scene that Houston has to offer. Whether you’re drawn by the vintage charm of Brenner’s, the storied past of Smith & Wollensky, or the Latin American flair of Churrascos, Houston’s steakhouse history is sure to provide a memorable dining experience.

Steakhouses with Unique Dining Experiences

Unique Dining Experiences

For those seeking more than just a meal, some steakhouses in Houston offer unique dining experiences that go beyond traditional steak dinners. Here are two standout options that provide an exceptional and memorable culinary adventure:

Fogo de Chão

  • Brazilian steakhouse offering a unique churrasco experience.
    Fogo de Chão brings the traditional Brazilian churrasco experience to Houston. At this steakhouse, diners can enjoy a continuous service of skewered meats carved tableside by gaucho chefs. This rodizio-style dining allows guests to savor a variety of premium cuts, including picanha (prime part of the top sirloin), lamb chops, and filet mignon, all cooked over an open flame to perfection. The experience is complemented by an extensive salad bar featuring fresh vegetables, cheeses, and traditional Brazilian sides. The vibrant atmosphere and interactive service make Fogo de Chão a popular choice for those looking to indulge in an all-you-can-eat feast with a cultural twist​ (Tripadvisor)​​ (Houston Press)​.

Brennan’s of Houston

  • Known for its tableside service and New Orleans-inspired cuisine.
    Brennan’s of Houston offers a unique blend of Texas and Louisiana flavors with its New Orleans-inspired cuisine. Established as a sister restaurant to the famous Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, Brennan’s provides an elegant dining experience featuring dishes prepared with flair and precision. One of the highlights is the tableside service, where signature dishes such as Bananas Foster and Crepes Suzette are flambéed right in front of diners. The restaurant’s courtyard and charming interior create a warm and inviting ambiance. Brennan’s also offers a Jazz Brunch on weekends, combining live music with exquisite food, making it a perfect spot for special occasions​ (Houston Press)​​


  • A fusion of South American flavors with an upscale twist.
    While discussing unique dining experiences, it’s worth mentioning Churrascos, which combines the bold flavors of South America with a sophisticated dining atmosphere. Known for their signature Churrasco steak, marinated and grilled to perfection, Churrascos also offers a variety of dishes like empanadas and ceviche that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The ambiance is upscale yet inviting, making it ideal for both casual dining and special celebrations. With locations across Houston, including River Oaks, Sugar Land, Memorial City, and The Woodlands, Churrascos provides a consistent yet unique dining experience at each venue. Their focus on high-quality ingredients and exceptional service ensures a memorable meal every time​ (Churrascos)​​ (Churrascos)​.

These steakhouses offer more than just a meal; they provide an experience that engages all the senses. Whether you’re enjoying the theatrical tableside service at Brennan’s, the vibrant churrasco at Fogo de Chão, or the flavorful South American dishes at Churrascos, you’re guaranteed a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Family-Friendly Steakhouses

Special Occasions

Finding the right steakhouse that caters to both adults and children can enhance your family dining experience. Here are two steakhouses in Houston that are perfect for dining with kids:

Saltgrass Steak House

Casual and family-friendly with a robust kids’ menu.
Saltgrass Steak House is known for its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for families. The restaurant offers a comprehensive kids’ menu featuring a variety of child-friendly options such as mini cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Additionally, the casual setting and friendly staff ensure that families feel comfortable and well taken care of. Parents can enjoy a wide selection of steaks and other entrees, knowing that there are plenty of options to keep the little ones happy​ (Tripadvisor)​​ (Houston Press)​.

The Capital Grille

Offers a welcoming atmosphere for families.
While The Capital Grille is often associated with fine dining, it also provides a family-friendly environment. The staff is attentive and accommodating, making sure that even the youngest guests have an enjoyable dining experience. The menu includes a variety of options that appeal to children, and the restaurant’s elegant yet comfortable ambiance ensures that families can dine together in style. With its top-quality steaks and welcoming service, The Capital Grille is an excellent choice for family dining​ (Houston Press)​​


Combines a family-friendly atmosphere with flavorful Latin American cuisine.
Churrascos is another fantastic option for families, offering a vibrant and inviting environment that appeals to diners of all ages. The menu features a variety of dishes that are sure to please both adults and children, including their signature Churrasco steak, flavorful empanadas, and fresh ceviche. Churrascos also offers a kids’ menu with options tailored to younger palates. The combination of high-quality food, warm hospitality, and a family-friendly atmosphere makes Churrascos a great choice for dining out with kids​ (Churrascos)​​ (Churrascos)​​ (Churrascos)​.

These family-friendly steakhouses ensure that both parents and children can enjoy a delightful dining experience. Whether you choose the casual comfort of Saltgrass Steak House, the elegant yet accommodating ambiance of The Capital Grille, or the flavorful and inviting atmosphere of Churrascos, you’re guaranteed a meal that satisfies everyone in the family.

Steakhouses for Special Occasions


When it comes to celebrating special occasions, choosing the right steakhouse can make all the difference. Here are two standout options in Houston that offer the perfect blend of elegance and exceptional cuisine for your memorable events:

Steak 48

Elegant and upscale, perfect for anniversaries.
Steak 48 is known for its sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for anniversaries and other significant celebrations. The restaurant features contemporary décor, private dining rooms, and a lively yet intimate setting. Their menu boasts prime steaks, fresh seafood, and a variety of decadent side dishes. Signature offerings include the Double-Bone Pork Chop and the Prime New York Strip. To top off your meal, the dessert selection includes indulgent options like the Warm Vanilla Caramel Cake. The combination of elegant ambiance and exquisite food ensures a truly special dining experience​ (Tripadvisor)​​ (Houston Press)​.

Morton’s The Steakhouse

Renowned for its fine dining experience.
Morton’s The Steakhouse is a classic choice for those looking to celebrate in style. Renowned for its top-notch service and fine dining experience, Morton’s offers a menu featuring USDA Prime-aged beef, fresh seafood, and a variety of signature sides. The ambiance is refined and sophisticated, perfect for marking special occasions. Signature dishes include the Center-Cut Filet Mignon and the Lobster Bisque. For dessert, the legendary Morton’s Hot Chocolate Cake provides a sweet ending to a celebratory meal. With its impeccable service and luxurious setting, Morton’s ensures that every celebration is unforgettable​ (Tripadvisor)​​ 

These steakhouses offer not just a meal but an experience that enhances your special occasions. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or any other significant event, Steak 48 and Morton’s The Steakhouse provide the perfect backdrop for making lasting memories.

Steakhouse Etiquette

Steakhouse Etiquette

Enhance your dining experience at a steakhouse by following these essential etiquette tips. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a pleasant experience for both you and your fellow diners.

Dress Code

  • Adhere to the restaurant’s dress code.
    Steakhouses often have a specific dress code, ranging from business casual to formal attire. It’s important to check the restaurant’s website or call ahead to confirm the dress code requirements. Dressing appropriately not only shows respect for the establishment but also enhances the overall dining experience for everyone.


  • Ask for recommendations if you’re unsure.
    If you’re uncertain about what to order, don’t hesitate to ask your server for recommendations. They are knowledgeable about the menu and can suggest dishes based on your preferences. Additionally, they can provide insights into the chef’s specialties and popular items. Engaging with the server can also enhance your dining experience by ensuring you get the best that the steakhouse has to offer.


  • Standard tipping is 15-20% of the total bill.
    Tipping is a significant part of the dining experience, especially in steakhouses where service is a key component. The standard tipping rate is between 15-20% of the total bill before taxes. If the service is exceptional, you may consider tipping on the higher end of this range. Proper tipping not only rewards good service but also supports the staff who contribute to making your meal enjoyable.

For more detailed guidelines on steakhouse etiquette, you can refer to resources like Etiquette Scholar and The Spruce Eats.

By following these etiquette tips, you can ensure a more enjoyable and respectful dining experience at any steakhouse. Whether you’re dressing appropriately, seeking menu advice, or tipping generously, these small gestures contribute to a memorable meal.

Vegetarian Options at Steakhouses

For non-meat eaters, dining at a steakhouse can still be a delightful experience. Many steakhouses offer a variety of vegetarian-friendly dishes that are both flavorful and satisfying. Here are some excellent options to consider:


Many steakhouses offer delicious sides like mac and cheese, creamed spinach, and grilled vegetables.
Steakhouse sides are often rich and flavorful, making them a great choice for vegetarians. Commonly available options include:

  • Mac and Cheese: Creamy and cheesy, this comforting dish is a staple at many steakhouses.
  • Creamed Spinach: A luxurious side made with fresh spinach and a creamy sauce.
  • Grilled Vegetables: Seasonal vegetables grilled to perfection, often including options like asparagus, bell peppers, and zucchini.
  • Baked Potatoes or Mashed Potatoes: Classic choices that can be customized with toppings like sour cream, chives, and cheese.

These sides can be substantial enough to form the core of a satisfying vegetarian meal. For a more comprehensive look at vegetarian side options, you can visit The Spruce Eats.



Opt for a hearty salad if available.
Steakhouses often feature robust and flavorful salads that can be a meal in themselves. Some popular choices include:

  • Caesar Salad: A classic salad with romaine lettuce, croutons, and Caesar dressing. You can request it without anchovies or bacon to make it fully vegetarian.
  • House Salad: Typically includes a mix of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other fresh vegetables, often served with a choice of dressings.
  • Spinach Salad: Often features baby spinach leaves with toppings like walnuts, cranberries, and goat cheese.

Additionally, many steakhouses offer customizable salad options, allowing you to add or remove ingredients to suit your dietary preferences. For more ideas on vegetarian salads, you can check out AllRecipes.

By exploring these vegetarian options, non-meat eaters can still enjoy a satisfying and flavorful meal at a steakhouse. Whether indulging in rich side dishes or enjoying a fresh, hearty salad, vegetarians have plenty of delicious choices to make their dining experience enjoyable.


Exploring the steakhouse scene in Houston offers a variety of rich culinary experiences, from historical venues to family-friendly environments and unique dining adventures. Each steakhouse brings something special to the table, ensuring that there’s a perfect spot for every occasion. However, when it comes to an all-encompassing dining experience that blends history, flavor, and a welcoming atmosphere, Churrascos stands out as the best option.


Churrascos uniquely combines the bold flavors of South America with an upscale yet inviting dining atmosphere. Whether you’re enjoying their signature Churrasco steak, marinated and grilled to perfection, or indulging in their flavorful empanadas and ceviche, Churrascos offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, including vegetarians. The multiple locations across Houston, such as River Oaks, Sugar Land, Memorial City, and The Woodlands, ensure that there’s a convenient and elegant setting for every diner.

Churrascos is not just about great food; it’s about providing an exceptional dining experience. Their warm hospitality, high-quality ingredients, and attention to detail make every meal memorable, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a casual family dinner.

For more information on their locations and menu, visit their website.

Highlights of Churrascos

  • Flavorful South American Cuisine: Signature dishes like the Churrasco steak and Tres Leches dessert.
  • Family-Friendly: An inviting atmosphere with options for all ages.
  • Multiple Locations: Conveniently located in River Oaks, Sugar Land, Memorial City, and The Woodlands.
  • Exceptional Service: Warm hospitality and a focus on creating memorable dining experiences.

Choosing Churrascos ensures that you’ll enjoy not only a delicious meal but also a dining experience that celebrates the rich flavors and traditions of Latin American cuisine in a welcoming and elegant setting.

Houston’s steakhouse scene is vibrant and diverse, offering something for every taste and occasion. Use this guide to discover the best spots, understand different cuts of steak, and enjoy your dining experience to the fullest. Whether you’re in town for a visit or a local looking to try something new, these recommendations will help you make the most of your steakhouse adventure. Enjoy your meal!

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