Damian Ambroa - Meet the team at Churrascos

Damian Ambroa

Beverage Director & General Manager
Rigo Romero - part of the team at Churrascos, meet the faces behind our service

Rigo Romero

General Manager
Miguel Miranda - Meet the team and discover the faces of Churrascos.

Miguel Miranda

General Manager
Marsha Zibi at Churrascos, meet the team and explore the faces behind our brand

Marsha Zibi

Event Coordinator
Fred Espinoza, a valued member of our staff - come meet the team and the faces of Churrascos

Fred Espinoza

General Manager
Marc Mann - Discover the faces of Churrascos and meet the team shaping your dining experience

Marc Mann

Event Manager
Erin Gready - Be part of the experience and meet the team at Churrascos, the faces that welcome you

Erin Gready

Event Manager
Hector Torres - Meet the team and the faces of Churrascos, dedicated to excellence in service

Hector Torres

Fausto Zarzuela, integral part of Churrascos - meet the team and the faces that define us

Fausto Zarzuela

Horlando Duque - Experience the warmth and expertise of our team and meet the faces of Churrascos

Horlando Duque